This site is dedicated to many people who largely go unrepresented by the plethora of restaurant reviewers out there. Every review tells me how the chicken a la kiev was too salty or the prawn cocktail was succulent. The “vegetarian” part of the review is typically reserved for desserts.

Well, we wont stand for that! This site will focus on vegetarian food on the menu.

That is not to say that we focus exclusively on that aspect of the restaurant. We all know that a good dining experience has so many components – the food, the ambience, the service, the occasion, the company & the authenticity of claimed cuisine. We will address all the above!

The final unique point is our writer. The veggiehound promises straight talk and sarcasm. Each review should be a quick and light read, and leave you with the flavour of what faces you if you enter the doors of the eatery in question.

For those among us less quick on the uptake (or more matrix oriented), the Hound Report Card breaks down the eatery and its key attributes.

In the end, we know that the dining experience is truly subjective, and one woman’s dining paradise is another woman’s sewer. We promise not to sit on any fences and to give you our very subjective opinion.

Finally, our overall bone rating will distill the entire review and give the restaurant a score on a scale of 5 bones. This will show all who the big dogs are!

If you like our critiques or you’re wondering what we’re smoking, drop us a line.

The Veggie Hound


One Response to “What’s unique to us?”

  1. Simran Says:

    I am rounding up all the food bloggers in Mumbai, so please drop me a line if you are still blogging

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