Anyone who has ever eaten a good sizzler needs to use this place as the benchmark. A stalwart in the delicate art of preparing a tasty sizzler, Yoko’s has been dishing out these fizzling platters for well over a decade now.

The biggest concern with a classic oldie is that it does not age well. Well fear not Yoko fans – this classic is still just as good.

Technically, Yoko’s offers burgers, soups, sandwiches and even some “continental” food. But, try anything other than their mainstay and shame on you!

Yoko’s offers over 10 different kinds of vegetarian sizzlers and you can do marvellous customization on just about each one. I have two picks – the Veg Shashlik comes with two skewers of paneer kababs and a tangy sauce. Fries, steamed veggies and a stewed pineapple on top complete this ensemble. The Veg sizzler with garlic & mushrooms is just awesome. Some people swap rice for fries, others swap fries for mashed potatoes. But, I just like it the way God intended – with everything!

Pair this up with a lemon ice┬átea or fresh lime soda and you are good to go. Once you have fought your way through the steam curtain and spotted your platter, try and polish it off. This was my claim to fame in college and I still come pretty darn close. If you are in your late 20s/early 30s and still eat like a “Complan boy/girl” you might wipe it out. But stock up on the ENO & Digene, just in case.

The ambience is no great frills and the crowd has everybody under the sun. Service is prompt, polite and reasonably helpful. Overall, this remains one of the top two places to get a sizzler in India. I recently tried the Malad(W) outlet and am happy to report that the flavour is consistent with the SV Road outlet. They cannot get 5 bones without a better ambience – sorry, but those are the rules! But, great, great food.

My recco – Head here for lunch, skip breakfast and the previous night’s dinner. Order a sizzler with everything and then wipe it out. Wash it down with some iced tea. Once you are done digesting, write to the Hound and let me know if this is the best sizzler you have ever had.

Check out the Hound Report Card for the final analysis: