You will find me very rarely give 4 bones to a restaurant that dares to have only 5-7 vegetarian dishes on its menu. This would be one such occasion.
Taling Pling Savoury Gastrocafe sits on the 3rd floor of the CentralWorld mall, in the very heart of the prime shopping district. Its inside a mall. Surely that should be strike 2?This cafe is one of the “warmest” places a vegetarian can rest their keester in Bangkok. The service is excellent and the servers have quick recommendations. They understand vegetarian = no fish, chicken or meat. They speak English.

We ordered the Tofu& Veggies with fresh thai basil & chillies. Veg thai spring rolls and steamed rice rounded out the meal. I had a crisp Singha beer and my wife had the Thai Iced Tea. The portions are maybe a little small though the beer seemed to fill the vacant void. Awesome stuff!

The ambience is perfect. Thai contemporary design mixes with classic silk cushion covers and dark wood paneling. This is one plush lounge in the heart of a mall. The clientele seem to reflect this and are young Thais out for a good time.

The meal is reasonably priced and the only real downside is the lack of a massive range. Dont go too late or they run out of veg. spring rolls.

The Thai Green Curry was also excellent and we tried this the second time we came here – so yes, it was THAT good.

My recco – Go when you want a non-touristy, contemporary meal where real Thais eat.

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